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VAPA logo contest winner
VAPA logo

The Visual and Performing Arts Department is excited to share our new VAPA department logo. We really appreciate how it tells a story about our programs visually and that it was designed by one of our PAUSD students!

Digital Art Students at Gunn High School were given the opportunity to participate in designing a logo that highlighted all our Arts Disciplines. We gave the students some basic parameters but we really wanted their creativity and student voice to shine within the design. We received many wonderful student designs and voted on them as a VAPA team.

The logo design submitted by Sophomore Eric Choi was chosen to be the VAPA logo; it speaks to all our disciplines and represents our VAPA programs visually. When speaking with Eric about his design process, he shared, "I made several versions of the VAPA logo, all of them had drastically different styles and ideas incorporated inside them. After comparing the logos, I chose one that had the most potential for improvement and built upon it to create a more polished final version of the logo."

One of the design aspects our team really appreciated about Eric's logo was how he used symbols integrated in the VAPA letters. Eric shared this was part of his design, "I chose four large general representatives of art; a paintbrush, dancer, the comedy/tragedy masks, and a music note. I tried to incorporate the basic structure of these items into the letters while trying to make the actual logo legible."

When reflecting on what he was most proud of in his logo design, Eric stated, " I'm most proud of the comedy/tragedy masks in the "P" since I believe it was the best use of negative space that I ever implemented into a logo."

Thank you, Eric, for your design, we are so excited to have a new logo for our department designed by one of our VAPA students!