Mission Statement

This Elementary Math Task Force shall bring together educators and parents in a collaborative setting where they shall share best practices from across the District and review practices from outside the District in order to determine ways to enhance the environment at our elementary schools to promote intellectual curiosity, knowledge of, and excitement in mathematics, both in and beyond the classroom, particularly to more fully engage students at grades K-5 with an interest in and talent for the subject and to create comparable opportunities at each school in this area.
This group reports to the Superintendent.


  • 1 parent/guardian representative from each school
  • 1 teacher representative from each elementary school
  • 1 middle school math teacher
  • 1-2 principals
  • Committee to be co-chaired by one principal and one parent
  • District staff will provide resources and support for this group

Process for selection of each representative 

For Parent Reps:

Principals at each school will work with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the School Site Council (SSC) to advertise this opportunity to their parent community. Parent/Guardians will need to submit a letter of interest to the SSC with the following information:  name, grade levels and school(s) of attendance for their children, background in mathematics, reason for wanting to be included in this group.  Each site’s SSC will select a representative to serve on this task force.

For Teacher Reps:

Principals will select a teacher from grades K-5.  Teacher representatives will be compensated for their time.

For Principal Reps:

District Office staff will identify interested participants.

Time Commitment for Members:

The group will meet for 1.5 hours approximately once per month beginning May 5, 2011 and run through March 2012. Meeting dates and times will be determined by the members.

Role of Task Force:

  • Identify a full range of exemplary practices currently being offered within our own schools that address the challenge of appropriately engaging students whose intellectual interests and abilities extend beyond our grade-level standards.
  • Identify a full range of exemplary materials (including technology-based resources) available to supplement the existing materials that will provide challenge and engagement for students.
  • Review what other districts are doing toward meeting this mission.
  • Make achievable recommendations to the Superintendent that will direct the allocation of District funding toward achievement of this mission.

It is not the role of this Task Force to recommend a new textbook adoption. Whereas the Task Force is to be guided by the PAUSD Strategic Plan 2008-2012 (specifically A1.2, A1.3, and Output Metrics for Evaluation) and our 2010-11 District Focused Goals (specifically Academic Excellence and Learning, Goals 4.b and 4.d), the Task Force shall focus on instructional strategies and practices in use for K-5 in the District, which may extend beyond those listed in our Strategic Plan and Focused Goals (such as flexible grouping), but does not include laning or acceleration/deceleration.


All meetings were held at 25 Churchill Avenue in Conference Room A, 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Agendas and Minutes

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Report to the Board

March 27, 2012ReportAppendix AAppendix B