January 28, 2016
January 29, 2016

In spring 2015, an anonymous donor interested in funding significant building and site improvements at Addison approached us through a third party representative, Diane Parnes of Pacific Foundation Service, and subsequently funded a $25,000 planning grant for us to engage our architect, Lisa Gelfand, the Addison site council, and the Addison community in conceptual thinking about what improvements were needed and could be made. Diane has since left PFS and Carolyn Wall Sakata is now representing the donor.

By November, the collective vision had coalesced to the point that our architect, Lisa Gelfand has been able to produce a conceptual design.  A booklet showing the conceptual design is attached. The donor has been considering the scope of the project and the level of funding that the donor will have an interest in providing.  If a donation is offered, it will be brought to the Board for information, for further discussion, and eventually for action, if, in fact, the donation is in excess of $50,000, as is currently specified in AR 3290.