The mission of Foundation for a College Education (FCE) is to increase the number of students of color from East Palo Alto and similar communities who graduate from a four-year college or university. 

Comprehensive Services

We deliver our services free of charge, to high school and college students and their families through four program strands.

COLLEGE BOUND PROGRAM: Provides high school students with the necessary resources and support to be prepared academically and emotionally to apply to and succeed in college.  Students receive tutoring, college planning and counseling, leadership development, financial aid and scholarship guidance.

PARENT LEADERSHIP PROGRAM: Helps parents acquire the skills to become advocates for their own and their children's interests, as well as for those of the larger community.

COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: Provides competitive scholarships, funded by individual and foundation donors, to high school seniors and college students.  Includes discretionary funding for books, academic program fees and other costs associated with a college education.

COLLEGE SUCCESS PROGRAM: Provides students with mentoring, summer internship opportunities, career counseling and leadership development workshops to ensure that they complete their undergraduate education.

STEAM:  A Middle School Program at FCE. STEAM is a year-round program that helps students develop critical thinking, communication, and writing skills.  During the summer, students participate in a five-week summer program.  Throughout the school year, students attend homework and mentoring sessions twice a week and once-a month Saturday workshops.  Students must apply during the spring of their fifth grade year. 


Interested high school students and parents should contact their school guidance counselors or Foundation for a College Education. Students must complete a formal admissions application that includes essays and a one-on-one family interview. Students are evaluated on a number of criteria, including GPA and academic standing. Once admitted, students and parents commit to a set of program standards to which they are held accountable.

Anna L. Waring, Ph.D. 

If you have questions, contact your school guidance counselor or Foundation for a College Education. 

Foundation for a College Education 
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