Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act reflects Congress’ intent that schools receiving federal funding provide protections and services to students with disabilities. Palo Alto Unified School District has two important responsibilities to students with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity. All such students are entitled to an equal opportunity to participate in the services, programs, and activities offered in public schools, without discrimination. In addition all such students are provided with a free appropriate education, which may include special education, related services, appropriate accommodations and other supports to allow them to access a school’s educational services through the creation and implementation of a Section 504 service plan.

As a recipient of federal funds and a school district dedicated to ensuring that all students access excellent teaching and learning, the Palo Alto Unified School District is committed to ensuring that all students eligible under Section 504 are protected from discrimination and receive necessary educational services, accommodations and supports at school. More information about Parent Rights and Procedural Safeguards are available by contacting the District’s Section 504 coordinator, Lissette Moore-Guerra, at the District Office, 25 Churchill Avenue, or by accessing these documents:

If you believe that your child would meet the criteria for Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, please contact the school Site 504 Leads. The site 504 Lead can discuss your child's needs and provide you with information on how to initiate the process as appropriate.   

Lissette Moore-Guerra, Coordinator of Student Services

If you have questions about 504 Plans or would like to request a review for assessment, please contact Student Services at (650) 833-4208 or

504 Leads

School Lead Name Title Phone number E-mail
District Office Lissette Moore- Guerra Student Services Coordinator 650-329-3722
Gunn HS Michalis Gordon Assistant Principal 650-354-8200
Palo Alto High School Katya Villalobos Assistant Principal 650-329-3701
Greene Middle School Scott Yarbrough School Psychologist 650-494-8120
JLS Middle School Megan Warter School Psychologist 650-856-5188
Fletcher Middle School Todd Daly School Psychologist 650-856-9810
Addison Rita Rodriguez School Psychologist 650-322-5935
Barron Park Hector Mora School Psychologist 650-858-0508
Duveneck Erika Gardiner School Psychologist 650-322-5946
El Carmelo   Marci Hakeman School Psychologist  650-856-0960
Hoover Erika Zepeda School Psychologist
Escondido Sheri Heise School Psychologist 650-856-1337
Fairmeadow Jennifer Baker School Psychologist 650-856-0845
Juana Briones Jennifer Baker School Psychologist 650-856-0877
Walter Hayes Londy Reidy School Psychologist 650-322-5956
Nixon Samira Rastegar School Psychologist 650-856-1622
Ohlone Janice Choi School Psychologist 650-856-1726
Palo Verde Laura Clark-Post School Psychologist 650-856-1672
Notice of Parent Rights and Procedural Safeguards Under Section 504

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 NOTICE OF PARENT RIGHTS AND PROCEDURAL SAFEGUARDS UNDER SECTION 504 This is a notice of your rights regarding the identification, evaluation, and placement of your child under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. These rights are designed to keep you fully informed about the District’s decisions about your child and to inform you of your rights if you disagree with any of those decisions.

  1. Parents/guardians shall receive written notice of all District decisions regarding the identification, evaluation, and/or placement of their child. The parent/guardian has a right to participate in the Section 504 team meeting to determine eligibility, program, placement and discipline-related issues. The parent shall receive advanced notice of team meetings. The parent is not entitled to a postponement of a Section 504 team meeting, but may receive one per request.
  2. Parents/guardians have a right to examine all relevant records regarding their child. The parents/guardians shall receive copies of all Section 504 team assessments and documents related to the District’s Section 504 decisions related to his/her child.
  3. Parents/guardians have the right to request an administrative review of a District decision concerning the identification, evaluation, and/or placement of their child under Section 504.
  4. Parents/guardians also have a right to an impartial hearing with the opportunity for participation by the parent/guardian to resolve disagreements with the District relating to the identification, evaluation, or educational placement of their child, including assessment needs, eligibility, program, placement, related service needs and issues related to discipline. A request for a hearing must be filed in writing with the District Section 504 Coordinator:

    Student Services Coordinator
    Palo Alto Unified School District
    25 Churchill Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306

    Upon such a request, an impartial hearing officer shall be retained by the District. Additional information regarding these rights and the process for impartial Section 504 hearings are set forth in District regulations at Administrative Regulation (AR) 6164.6: Identification and Education under Section 504. Copies of these regulations are available from the District Section 504 Coordinator at Palo Alto Unified School District, 25 Churchill Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306.
  5. Parents have the right to file a complaint based on disability harassment, pursuant to the Uniform Complaint Procedure or the district’s site-level complaint process (UCP-BP 1312.4, AR 1312.4; Bullying-AR 5131.2)
  6. Parents/guardians have the right to file a complaint regarding an alleged violation of Section 504 with the Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”). Additional information regarding OCR’s complaint process is available at:
  7. The school Section 504 Site Lead is . Should a parent/guardian have any concerns or questions concerning their rights, the Section 504 process or any other related issue, the parent/guardian is encouraged to contact that person at _______________. If an issue cannot be resolved at the site and the parent/guardian wishes to discuss the matter further, file a grievance, or if the parents/guardians wish to file a request for an impartial hearing, the parent may contact the District Section 504 Coordinator: Palo Alto Unified School District, 25 Churchill Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306, (650) 329-3769.