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Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Create a physical environment that promotes student and staff safety through established protocols and procedures, appropriate internal and external security systems, and routine emergency preparations.

Key Strategies - Physical Safety
  • Review and update Facility School Safety Assessments at each campus.
  • Revise and update safety training calendar to address gaps created by pandemic.
  • Begin modernization and upgrade of campus communication resources.
  • Completion of security camera implementation at all sites.
  • Annual review and report of standardized safety measures across the District.
  • Update District's Emergency Operations Plan.
Key Strategies - Safe and Healthy Facilities
  • Report and share facility improvements at each school site based on the Planned Maintenance schedule via website.
  • Review and update standardized safety measures across the District.
  • Review and organize standardized emergency preparedness, threat/risk assessment protocols, and crisis response training for all school sites and the District Office.
  • Enhance standardized practices and protocols to address site specific needs.
Goal Progress

Follow the progress report to the board