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Equity & Excellence

Excellence shall become the norm for all regardless of background or demographics. Our schools shall embrace uniqueness, strengths, and challenges with support, understanding, expectations, and encouragement to succeed.

Key Strategies

The Systemwide Integrated Framework for Transformation (SWIFT) is a process and strategic plan to enact institutional and structural change to advance educational equity in PAUSD and to support the district’s prioritization of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice across all areas of the educational system. Key strategies are embedded in the comprehensive SWIFT Plan

How will we measure progress? (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Increase the percentage of students in each identified/identifiable group who meet/exceed standards on state and local assessments, pass classes with C or better, meet A-G eligibility requirements, graduate prepared for college and career, attend school regularly (95% of school days).
  • Increase the percentage of staff, students, and families in each identified/identifiable group who report a positive school environment, equitable treatment; and perceive a caring staff.
  • Calibrate grading and homework practices to provide consistent student experiences.
  • Reduce disproportionality for Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Pacific Islander in School disciplinary removals, Special Education, Enrollment in Career Technical Education and Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses.
  • Increase educator and organizational capacity and accountability for equitable student outcomes through the development of a culturally responsive/antiracist mindset and implementation of culturally proficient practices.
  • Improve Tier 1 (Universal), 2 (Targeted) and 3 (Intensive) approaches to ensure a robust system to address academics, attendance, behavior, Social-Emotional Learning/Mental Health.
Goal Progress

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