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Serve and Celebrate Others

Building people up through positive interactions and acknowledging those who invest in others.

The staff and students of PAUSD will become a community of “Builders” through investing in service and celebrations on behalf of others. We will positively impact peers, colleagues, and the broader community through human interaction and connections free of judgment and full of joy. Programs, groups, and individuals will be routinely celebrated for building people up through their actions, words, and kindness. Our shared commitment to celebrating our “Builders” will allow for multiple layers of people to contribute at every level.

Key Strategies
  • Track Serve and Celebrate Others activities across all sites.
  • Continue recognizing Builders by monthly spotlights, leveraging existing meeting structure.
  • Expand the high school Seal of Civic Engagement to middle schools.
  • Create opportunities for an authentic audience for students to showcase their work.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate those who invest in others and make a positive impact.
  • Commit to building people up through positive interactions and assuming best intentions.
  • Encourage sites and organizations to use creative measures to model service and celebrate people for their contributions.
  • Develop and implement service projects at all sites.
  • Expand opportunities for hand-in-hand projects with the broader community and provide students with opportunities to serve and give back to the school and/or the community.
  • Utilize the concepts of service, gratitude, and celebration of others as paths to improved mental wellness.
Goal Progress

Follow the progress report to the board