If you have additional questions, please contact the Registration Services office at RegistrationServices@pausd.org or (650) 329-3707. The Registrations Services office is located at the PAUSD District Office at 25 Churchill Ave in Palo Alto.

What is my neighborhood school?

Refer to our School Finder.

How do I enter the lottery for a choice or alternative school?

Review our Choice Programs and Important Registration Dates, then call the specific school you are interested in for instructions.

When should I register my child for kindergarten?

Children are eligible for transitional kindergarten if they have their fifth birthday between September 2 and December 2 (inclusive) of each academic year (EC 48000[c]).

Children are eligible for kindergarten if they will be five years of age on or before September 1 of each academic year (EC Section 48000[a]). 

Important Registration Dates

School Placement & Transfers 

If I register my child after Round 1, how will my registration be processed?

Students are enrolled in schools in order of Registration Completion date. The Registration Completion date is established when all original documents are provided by current residents in person to the Registration Services office, and verified by the Registration Services office. Please note that if you are not a current resident at the time of registration, but have documentation showing residency at a future date, your Registration Date will be time and date stamped based on the date that you become a resident. For a complete list of requirements that determines a registration is complete, visit our Registration Requirements web page.

Does my child need a physical examination to enter school?

A physical health examination is required for 1st grade entry only. Visit our Health Requirements page for additional information.

When are kindergarten parent orientation meetings held at my neighborhood school?

Please visit our Important Registration Dates page.

How do I find out about after-school childcare programs at my child's school?

There is a licensed after-school child care program at each Palo Alto elementary school site. 

I have changed addresses in Palo Alto, what should I do?

A Change of Address form must be completed.

If I move to another neighborhood in Palo Alto, will my children be able to attend the same school?

Students who change their legal residence during the year, and thus change their school attendance area, may elect to remain in the school which they have been attending for the completion of the current school year.  

For more detailed information on Intra District Transfers please visit the School Placements & Transfers page.

We are remodeling our house and will be living outside of Palo Alto during the remodeling. Can my children continue to attend the same school?

Contact the Registration Services office (RegistrationServices@pausd.org). We will give you a form for your contractor to complete and submit to the Registration Services office. Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

My child has been overflowed to another school. What is the District's policy?


Overflowed students have priority over new registrations to the neighborhood school. If you wish to request that your child remain at the overflow school permanently, complete an Intra-District Transfer form and submit it to the Registration Services office.

Middle & High Schools

Overflowed students remain at the overflow school until the end of the first semester. If space becomes available at your neighborhood school for second semester, students can choose to remain at the overflow school by completing an Intra-District Transfer (submit to the Registration Services office), or choose to change to the neighborhood school. Middle school students advancing to 9th grade will be assigned to the neighborhood high school.