To attend the Palo Alto Unified School District, a student must:

  1. Be physically present and living full-time in a dwelling within PAUSD boundaries. For joint custody situations, please contact Registration Services at the PAUSD district office (25 Churchill Ave).
  2. Have received all required immunizations and TB Risk Assessment per California and Santa Clara County regulations.
  3. Be at least five (5) years of age on or before September 1st of that academic calendar year to enter kindergarten; students born between September 2 through December 2 of that academic calendar year may consider the PAUSD Transitional Kindergarten program. PAUSD Board Administrative Regulation 5111: Admission

The following original documents must be submitted in-person to the Registration Services office for a student's registration to be considered "Complete":

  1. Child's birth certificate or passport
  2. One of the following original Parent/Guardian's Picture IDs:
    • Current California State Driver's License
    • Current California State ID Card
    • Valid Passport or Consulate-Issued Picture ID
  3. Proof of Residency (Primary) – One of the following original documents with the parent/guardian's name and address:
    • Homeowners:
      • Property tax bill (showing owner name and address); or
      • Closing Statement; or
      • Deed
    • Renters:
      • Current Lease Agreement with Manager/Landlord's contact information and signatures. If the lease has expired and is now month-to-month, a letter from the manager/landlord indicating the parents are current residents is also required.
  4. Proof of Residency (Secondary) – One of the following original documents with the parent/guardian's name and address:
    • Most recent Palo Alto Utilities or PG&E bill  (Just moved: Obtain a letter from the utility company certifying that your account exists); or
    • Current DMV Vehicle Registration
  5. Immunization Records – Immunizations do not need to be complete at the time of registration; however, they must be completed before a student can enter school
  6. Residency Declaration: print, complete, and sign
  7. Home Language Survey: print, complete, and sign


Transferring from another School

PAUSD policy is to place children in the grade corresponding with their birth date, or in the grade corresponding to work successfully completed in prior grades. Parents must bring evidence, from the previous school of successful grade completion, to the registration appointment; or sign a Request for Records form at the appointment, to allow Registration Services to obtain the records from the previous school. If no evidence can be provided, students will be placed in the grade corresponding to the date of birth listed on the document provided (birth certificate, passport, etc.).

  1. Bring records from previous school; if not in English, a professional translation is required.
  2. Or sign a Request for Records form; complete and bring to appointment (can be done at the appointment).
  3. High school students entering the second semester of 9th grade, or entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grades, must submit an official student transcript from the previous school. If transcript is in a language other than English, a professional translation must be attached. 

Individualized Education Program (IEP)

The Individualized Education Program (IEP) team determines the appropriate services, settings, and placement options for each student receiving special education services. Although the majority of students receiving special education services may be served at any school and participate without restriction in the general enrollment process, certain highly specialized services for particular disabilities with low incidence rates are not available at all school sites. Please provide a current copy of your child's most recent IEP and assessment at the time of registration. Special Education staff support the Registration Services office and are available to assist families with the application process. Drop-in and scheduled appointments are available with coordinators. Please contact 650-833-4262 for more information and to schedule a meeting with staff if you have questions.

504 Plan

Students who are enrolling in PAUSD and have a current 504 Plan from another district can be served at any school and participate without restriction in the general enrollment process. Please provide a current 504 plan during this time so we can ensure that your child receives the appropriate supports and accommodations and can have a smooth transition to a new school.

Joint Custody

  1. Please provide custody documentation. The Registration Services office will make copies only of the cover page and all pages related to custody calendars.