ALL of the following documents - some must be original documents - must be brought to the in-person Registration Services office (step 4 in the previous page) for a student's registration to be considered complete. This office visit will take approximately 30 minutes per student.

1. Original document of Parent or Guardian/Caregiver identification: Photo id such as passport or Driver's License or ID Card. NOTE: If student lives full time with a caregiver instead of a parent, caregiver must provide a completed Caregiver Affidavit.

2. Original document of Student Identification: birth certificate or passport.

3. Residency document, Primary Proof: One (1) of the following documents with the parent/guardian's name and address:

  • Homeowners: property tax bill (showing owner name and address; can be obtained by sending a request to Recent purchase: will accept current closing statement or deed.
  • Renters: current Lease Agreement with Manager/Landlord's contact information and signatures. All pages of the original lease are needed in addition to date extension documents. If the lease is month-to-month, an additional letter is needed from the manager/landlord indicating the parents are current residents, must be dated within the last 30 days.
  • Shared housing: must complete the Shared Residency Affidavit.

4. Residency documents, ADDITIONAL Proof: Two (2) of the following original, and most current, documents with the parent/guardian's name and address:

  • Internet bill - cable bill - utilities bill (new account: letter from utility company) - landline phone bill - DMV vehicle registration - insurance bill - W-2 tax form - voter registration - employment paystub - letter from government agency

5. The Parent/Guardian must sign a Residency Declaration document (Declaracion de Domicilio) for EACH child. Please read the Residency page to understand the requirements for Residency to ensure the student can be enrolled, and remain enrolled, in PAUSD schools. For custody situations: each parent must complete the Custody Calendar.

6. Health records:

  • Parents MUST bring most recent Record of Immunizations to the registration appointment. If SOME shots are determined to be missing, the registration visit can be completed, BUT the student must be given those missing immunizations before starting school. All state and county requirements are listed here.
  • TB Risk Assessment form (or a TB test if required after assessment) must be completed by a health professional before the student can start school, but is not required at the registration office visit.

7. If student is transferring from a school within the United States, bring a completed Previous School Records form.

8. Review Grade Placement policies to determine the grade level PAUSD will assign based on student birth date; if parents want a different grade assigned, evidence of current or previous grade must be submitted for consideration.

9. Special Education plans: copy of existing or previous IEP or 504 plans.

Please contact Registration Services with any questions:; (650) 329-3707.