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RISE Task Force is charged with delivering recommendations to the Superintendent for a unified K-12 strategic plan that will include:

  • Assurance of compliance with OCR Resolutions, Title IX, state law, Board Policy and the District’s Administrative Regulations
  • Education of the community about rights and responsibilities
  • Promotion of a culture in which sexual assault, violence and harassment are not engaged in nor tolerated
  • Empowerment of all community members to interrupt and report incidents of sexual assault, violence and harassment
  • Provision of methods for rectification and reporting that are clear and responsive

During this initial meeting, we will begin to share thinking on the components of a K-12 strategic plan that will complete our charge, and we will also compile an inventory of current known efforts to combat sexual assault, violence and harassment at site and District levels.  Prior to the next meeting, we’ll be working to define the scope of the work,  deliverables, process and timeline, as well as strategies to capture valued input and participation from all stakeholders, interested community members, and resource providers.  We want to hear from you from the start of this work! 

Meeting Agendas & Notes