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Our Principles

The PAUSD Return to Campus Roadmap is built around the following guiding principles:

  • Follow public health guidelines
  • Maintain an inclusive, caring, and supportive school culture
  • Establish systematic protocols
  • Calibrate with surrounding school districts
  • Provide timely communication and transparency
  • Embrace uncertainty and be agile

Applying these principles, PAUSD has been operating under the three modalities: Distance, Hybrid, and In-Person Learning. PAUSD will continue to follow the state and county guidelines with these modalities in mind.

  1. Distance Learning
    The model of learning involving solely synchronous and asynchronous learning without in-person instruction.
  2. Hybrid Learning
    The model of learning involving a combination of scheduled instruction in-person and asynchronous instruction from their teacher.
  3. In-Person Learning
    The model of learning involving all, or nearly all, instruction in a face-to-face setting with a teacher.
Learning Modalities - chart