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January 28, 2022

We have received many questions about the future of indoor masking and potential vaccination mandates. As of now, indoor masking is still required by the CDPH and our local SCCPHD.

For anyone wishing to express their opinions regarding masking, potential vaccination / booster mandates, availability of antigen take-home tests, or other COVID related topics, we suggest contacting agencies and elected officials directly at:

County Government Center, Jeff Smith
(Top non-elected decision-maker Santa Clara County)

Santa Clara County Public Health Department

Santa Clara County Supervisors, Joe Simitian, District 5

Santa Clara County Office of Education, Board of Education, Grace Mah, Area 1

California Department of Public Health

Assembly Member, Marc Berman, District 24,

State Senator, Josh Becker, District 13

State Senator, Dr. Richard Pan, District 6 (Author of SB277 to close vaccine exemptions)

State Senator, Scott Weiner, District 11

Governor, Gavin Newsom

Like the other 30 school districts in Santa Clara County, PAUSD has assisted our public health agencies dutifully since March 2020. It is important that voices are heard on all sides of future COVID variant management decisions. While our local Board of Education is always eager to hear from our families, many of the major decisions ahead will be made by the people and agencies listed above. While our staff interacts with every agency above, it is important they hear directly from our families.

This is not a call for aligned advocacy. We have learned that most families become aware of new legislation, orders, guidelines, and recommendations when school districts are asked to implement them. At that point, it is too late to be heard during the decision-making process. We believe that every voice should be heard when decisions have major impacts on your kids. Again, PAUSD is not asking for your support of specific positions. This is simply our attempt to inform everyone that decisions will be made beyond our local level that will have implications for our students. Some examples include:

  • Future indoor masking mandates will be determined by CDPH and SCCPHD.
  • SB866 (Weiner) would allow students 12+ to receive COVID vaccines without parental permission.
  • SB277 (Pan) would mandate vaccines for all K-12 students by January 2023, while eliminating religious and personal belief exemptions (Bill found here).

The examples focused on COVID related topics because they are top of mind. All bills can be found, including their progress, at