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Quarantine and Isolation Information

Quarantine illustration

Updated February 1, 2022


Individuals that test positive for COVID-19 may return from isolation under the following conditions:

  • No longer exhibiting symptoms.
  • Have a negative test on or after Day 5 of the onset of symptoms or a positive test, whichever was first.
  • Home tests are acceptable for Day 5 testing. (negative test results should be shared with school health or office staff).
  • Individuals can return on Day 6 if they meet the requirements above.
  • Individuals who still have symptoms or continue to test positive on Day 5 or after may return once they have a negative test, are fever free for at least 24 hours, and are without symptoms.

How to calculate isolation days

  • Day 0 (zero) = your first date of symptoms or test collection
  • Day 1 = First full day after symptoms develop or test collection

Unable or not willing to test

Individuals refusing to test or who cannot access a test must isolate for 10 days and may return on Day 11 as long as they are fever free for at least 24 hours and other symptoms improving.

Household Members

Source:  California Department of Public Health

Unvaccinated Individuals:

All household members who are not fully vaccinated must quarantine at home with no contact outside the household, monitor for symptoms, and contact their health care providers to schedule COVID-19 testing.  Household contacts may return to work or school on Day 6 on or after Day 5 with a negative test. To calculate days, count from the first day of positive case isolation.

If untested, quarantine should extend 10 days from the first day of isolation.

Vaccinated Individuals:

Individuals who are fully vaccinated may not need to quarantine if they are not exhibiting symptoms. Anyone, vaccinated or not, who develops COVID-19 like symptoms needs to be tested. 

Please contact your health care provider if you or your family develop new or worsening symptoms or if you have any additional questions or concerns.