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Roadmap Overview

Roadmap Overview provides a checklist of topics to consider for students and staff to safely return to campus.

Before Staff and Students Access Campus

  • Each school site has designated a contact person(s) for PPE distribution, disinfection protocol, self-screening, monitoring of spaces, the flow of people, and safety.
  • Each school site has determined spacing and usage of common areas to allow for physical distancing, including airflow management, desk spacing, etc.
  • Each school site has posted signs in strategic areas of campus, reminding stakeholders to wear a face covering, frequently wash their hands, use hand sanitizer, keep distance to the greatest extent possible from others, avoid unnecessary contact, and to NOT enter school facilities if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Each school site has provided Keenan SafeSchools Training, and other training on prevention, at all levels, focused on COVID-19, including hygiene and preventative care, with optional training to include CDC guidelines for making and using cloth face coverings, cleaning and disinfecting the workplace, managing stress, and anxiety, and preparing one's household.
  • Each school site will promote an inclusive environment so that no person shall be discriminated against for wearing a protective mask or other personal protective gear such as face shields, goggles, or clothes covering.
  • Each school site will conduct simple screening techniques, such as interview questionnaires to enter campus.

While Students and Staff are on Campus

  • Each school site will follow frequent disinfecting and sanitation protocols, with special attention to common spaces and high-touch surfaces.
  • Staff and students will be informed on how to wear, maintain, and dispose of protective gear.
  • All staff and TK through 12 students are required to wear face coverings
  • Each school site will orient students with a new landscape of school and provide health education around minimizing the spread of germs, covering sneezes/coughs, washing hands, and physical distancing.
  • Each school site will provide a safe place for isolation and counseling support, as needed.

After School

  • Each school site will be thoroughly and safely disinfected after students and staff leave campus.

If There is a Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 Case

  • The principal will identify space or classrooms visited by students or staff with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19, and inform the PAUSD Safety Manager, who will follow-up according to disinfection protocols.
  • Students and staff follow a clearance guideline, abiding by district policies on student health, to be readmitted on campus after exhibiting symptoms.