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Quick guide for new students

Quick guide for new students

Welcome! This guide should help you in getting your technology set up at PAUSD.

  1. If this is the first time logging in, you'll need to figure out your username and default password. Your Username is your student ID, which is an 8-digit number that starts with 950. If you don't know your username or default password, contact your teacher or open a ticket to have it reset.

    IMPORTANT: please login with your student account (not your parents' account), so that you can access your student tools & apps.

  2. Once you have your student ID and password, follow the instructions in this video to log into your Chromebook.


  3. You can change your password by following the steps in this video.


  4. You can view your classes and assignments on Schoology. On that website, you'll be able to message your teachers! On the portal, follow instructions on this video to to log into Schoology.


  5. Familiarizing yourself with these new tools can take some time. Watch the other tutorial videos to help get you started.