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Meetings requiring authentication (and adding Zoom to your Chromebook)

We have been working with the Zoom support team who has identified a bug in the application that affects students and other participants when joining meetings that require authentication. The specific error you will see is:

"The meeting is for internal only. Please sign in with your company account to join."

In general, we have, and do suggest authentication as a security measure for all class meetings as a way to prevent unauthorized participants as well as being able to accurately identify participants by their real name.

If a student tries to join a meeting and has not yet logged into the zoom app, the student should be prompted to login to the ID Portal, and then be allowed into the meeting. Unfortunately that is not the experience at this time, the only option presented is to leave the meeting.

To workaround this bug, please login to the zoom app before trying to enter meetings by following these steps:

  1. Chromebook

  2. For mobile and other computer systems please refer to this page.
    When prompted, the company domain is PAUSD.