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About School Meals

California's Universal Free School Meals Program

California is the first state to offer universal free school meals to all public school students. Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) will provide two free meals (breakfast and lunch) per day to all students, regardless of their eligibility.

Applying for Free Meals

Although all students are eligible for free meals, we encourage parents to apply. Completing an application can bring significant additional funds to our schools and qualify students for individual benefits, such as discounts or waivers for college application fees, AP testing fees, internet services, summer programs, access to higher education scholarships, after-school club scholarships, holiday gifts, and many other learning and enrichment opportunities. You or your children do not have to be United States citizens to qualify.

How to Apply

Changes to the Meal Program

Due to the increase in meal participation, some changes are necessary:

  • Second lunches will not be served.
  • Elementary students will no longer sign up for specific entrees in the classroom.
  • Food Services will assess the menu monthly.

For more information please call Food Services at 650-329-3720.

Contact Us

Alva Spence
Student Nutrition Director

Denise Boggs
Student Nutrition Supervisor

Melanie Gomez
Student Nutrition Field Supervisor

Justin Jatiram
Chef Manager

Theresa Poon
Food Services Clerk