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When will CAASPP and ELPAC summative STUDENT SCORE REPORTS (SSRs) be available to parents/guardians?

Spring 2021 CAASPP and Summative ELPAC Student Score Reports (SSRs) will be released by the testing vendor (ETS) on a rolling basis. It is estimated that SSRs will begin to be released sometime in July and continue through August. Once available, parents/guardians may access their child’s SSRs through the Infinite Campus Parent Application (click here for parent/guardian directions). It is important to note that SSRs for the district are not released by the testing vendor all at once. PAUSD does not control when SSRs will appear in Infinite Campus.

Statewide Testing

California students take several mandated statewide tests. These tests provide parents/guardians, teachers, and educators with information about how well students are learning and becoming college and career ready. The test results may be used for local, state, and federal accountability purposes.

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