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Science Curriculum

Palo Alto Unified School District has adopted the Full Option Science (FOSS) science program K-5. This program was developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science at U.C. Berkeley. The program features a life, earth and physical science unit at each grade level.

  Life Science Earth Science Physical Science
Kindergarten Animals 2 x 2 Trees/Gardening Wood and Paper
First Plants and Animals Air and Weather Solids and Liquids
Second Insects and Plants Pebbles, Sand, and Slit Balance and Motion
Third Structures of Life/Baylands Sun, Moon, and Stars Matter and Energy
Fourth Environments Solid Earth Magnetism and Electricity
Fifth Living Systems Water Plants Mixtures and Solutions

Where is PAUSD heading with NGSS?

PAUSD K-5 and the Next Generation Science Standards

FOSS Online Resources 

The FOSSWEB/CA website has more information about each unit, including games and simulations.

Science Resource Center

The Science Resource Center provides all of the materials K-5 teachers need to implement the FOSS science curriculum.

Science Enrichment Resources 

The Bay Area provides many opportunities for informal science education. The activities below can be used by teachers and parents to extend the learning of the FOSS Science Curriculum. Some of the activities are suitable for field trips, some for classroom programs and some are appropriate for parents to do with children to support science learning as a family.