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Equity and Effective Teaching - November 12

Equity and Effective Teaching - November 12

Assistant Superintendent of Student Affairs and Equity, Lana Conaway, gave a compelling presentation to the Elementary English Language Arts Pilot and Adoption Committee members regarding one of the PAUSD Focus Goals: Equity and ways to evaluate this critical element within the District Lens or Criteria. The three curricula piloted this year are each assessed using the District Lens or Criteria by committee members.

Ms. Conaway provided context for our committee, citing PAUSD SBAC data and the Every Student Reads Initiative, "Before we attribute the outcomes to the characteristics of the students, we will take a closer look at the following, educators, environment, curriculum, and pedagogy." Ms. Conaway led the committee through a dynamic session providing an equity tool that is effective teaching all content areas. At the end of the day, one teacher shared, "Thank you for setting a great tone for the work today." Another teacher commented, "I loved today's opening. I was already super impressed by Lana from the first time I heard her speak at a professional development day years ago. I so appreciated her setting the lens this morning."

Our students and families depend on educators who continue to grow and develop their instructional practice in how children learn to read and equitable pedagogical methods, including understanding the diverse student populations we teach. Our equity focus and this year's professional development on foundation skills through the Orton-Gillingham (OG) methodology are a part of that regular improvement to meet the distinct learning needs of our students. We will grow our readers and transform student lives as we provide representative, rigorous, and relevant intentional reading instruction across PAUSD.