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Do you need information about your child's school? Do you want to know more about state and District testing, or student safety programs? Do you have questions about District policy, the budgeting process, or the latest on school construction? Do you have an issue, concern or compliment you would like addressed?

Most often, you can get the information you are seeking by speaking with a staff member from a specific school or department. Once you click on a topic below and make a submission, the appropriate person or department will be notified. If you are unsure which topic to choose, click on General Inquiries & Comments at the bottom of the page and your submission will be routed for you. If you request a response, don't forget to share your contact information, including your email address. More information about this tool is available on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

To address all members of the Board of Education, please email

Please note, Let's Talk! should not replace face-to-face meetings or telephone conversations. If your message is urgent, please contact the Palo Alto Unified District Offices at 650-329-3700, or your child's school directly.