The Regional Occupational Program (ROP) provides career preparation and skill training for high school student , out-of-school youth, and adults. ROP courses teach technical skills needed to attain and upgrade jobs. Instructors have many business and industry contacts and may help design internships.

Students register for classes at their high schools. ROP classes qualify for Career/Vocational Educational credit.

ROP Classes

The following ROP classes are taught regularly at Gunn and Paly high schools. Specific courses vary at each school from year to year. Details are provided in school course catalogs.

  • Automotive Technology: students receive hands-on instruction in the techniques of automotive services and repair. For more information visit Gunn Auto Tech and Paly Auto Shop.
  • Career Training for Transition: students with special needs receive self-paced, individualized training for entry-level employment in positions that are compatible with their disabilities.
  • Computer Applications/Information Technology:students learn basic computer proficiency including word processing, database, spreadsheet, graphics, and other software programs.
  • Culinary Arts: students train for entry-level employment in various food service occupations. Hands-on instruction includes setting up and managing a food service business on campus.
  • Engineering Technology/Robotics: students are introduced to a variety of techniques used in engineering, such as robotics, electronics, pneumatics, and CAD/CAM. Activity-oriented projects teach students scientific principles, math concepts, and communication skills. Each class completes a team project and produces a precise engineering drawing, production plan, cost estimate, and technical report. They also participate in international problem-solving competitions. For more information visit Gunn Robotics and Paly Robotics.
  • Web Page Design: students learn skills needed for an entry-level position in the field of Web design, including Web page planning, basic design, layout, and construction (effective and ineffective), setup and maintenance of a Web site, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, and various Web page and image creation tools.

PAUSD is a member district of North Santa Clara County JPA. If you have questions about ROP, contact