Campus Profile

Addison Elementary School
650 Addison Ave.
Built: 1925, 1956, 1969, 2002

Current Land Use

Total Site Area: 4.6 Acres
Building Area/Miscellaneous Circulation 1.7
Parking Area 0.2
Hard-Court Play Area 1.1
Turf Play Area 1.6
Building Area: 41,939 SF
Existing Classroom Size: 835 to 1440 SF
2008/2009 Enrollment: 443

Addison Elementary School sits on a 4.6 acre site bordered on four sides by Addison Ave., Middlefield Rd, Lincoln Ave and Webster St.

The school is composed of several permanent single story buildings in a rectangular layout with an open courtyard in the middle. Two classroom buildings were constructed in 1925. A Multipurpose Building was constructed in 1956. In 1969, an expansion of the school was undertaken, which included the addition of two new classroom buildings and the administration/Library building.

In 2002 another classroom building was added, along with modernization of all the other classrooms. Several relocatable buildings, including 4 classrooms and 2 day care classrooms were located along the Middlefield boundary as part of the project. In 2005, two more relocatable buildings were placed on the hard court area to house an additional classroom and computer lab.

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