Campus Profile

Escondido Elementary School
890 Escondido Rd.
Built: 1960, 1061, 1967, 2001

Total Site Area: 7.9 Acres
Building Area/Miscellaneous Circulation 2.5
Parking Area 0.5
Hard-Court Play Area 2.5
Turf Play Area 2.4
Building Area: 46,825 SF
Existing Classroom Size: 920 to 1440 SF
2008/2009 Enrollment: 542

Escondido Elementary School is comprised of eight permanent single story buildings set in a configuration around a central courtyard and field space to the north.

The site is bounded on all two sides by Stanford Ave and Escondido Road. In 1960, two classroom wings, a Kindergarten wing and the Administration / Multipurpose buildings were built. In 1961, two more classroom buildings were built, with another added in 1967.

As part of the Building for Excellence program, a 2001 project remodeled classrooms, the Library and the Administration building and added a final classroom wing. There are seven relocatable buildings on this site, with six housing classrooms and one housing a Day Care facility.

Campus Plan