Campus Profile

Gunn High School
780 Arastradero Rd.
Built in: 1964, 2003

Gunn High School Campus Map Master Plan


  • New Classroom Buildings A and B
  • New Gymnasium
  • Parking and Drop-off
  • Landscape Master Plan

Campus Master Plan

Gunn High School occupies an approximate a 48-acre site fronted by Arastradero Road. The school is composed of 17 buildings constructed in 1964. These structures include; an Administrative Building, a student Activities Building, a cluster of four buildings for language and social studies instruction, a cluster of four buildings for math and science instruction, a Resource Materials Building, a Music Building, an Art Building, the Spangenberg Auditorium, a Business Education and Home Economics Building, an Industrial Arts Building and a Physical Education Facility.

The original buildings were constructed in 1964, with a new Library Building and additional space being added to the Home Economics Building, creating a new Science facility in 2003. All buildings with the exception of the interiors to the Gym, Spangenberg Auditorium, Administration and the old Library Building interiors were fully renovated under the Building for Excellence program from 2001 to present.