Campus Profile

Hays Elementary School
1525 Middlefield Rd.
Built: (1923) 1947, 1956, 1970, 2001

Total Site Area: 7.2 Acres
Building Area/Miscellaneous Circulation 2.4
Parking Area 0.4
Hard-Court Play Area 1.7
Turf Play Area 2.7
Building Area: 49,371 SF
Existing Classroom Size: 960 to 1440 SF
2008/2009 Enrollment: 506

Hays Elementary School consists of six permanent single story buildings and eight relocatable buildings surrounded by playground and field space.

The original building built in 1923 was demolished in 1969 as part of an earthquake safety rebuilding program. The buildings now on site include a classroom wing, constructed in 1947 and the Multipurpose building constructed in 1957. A large triangular building housing the Administrative areas, the library and eleven classrooms was built in 1970. There are six relocatables housing classrooms and 2 relocatables housing Day Care facilities.

In 2001 the Building for Excellence program added another classroom building and renovated the Classroom wings and main Administration / Library building.

Campus Plan