Campus Profile

Nixon Elementary School
1711 Stanford Ave.
Built: 1970, 2004

Current Land Use
Total Site Area: 10.3 Acres
Building Area/Miscellaneous Circulation 2.2
Parking Area 1.8
Hard-Court Play Area 2.3
Turf Play Area 4.0
Building Area: 59,403 SF
Existing Classroom Size: 960 to 1440 SF
2008/2009 Enrollment: 434

Nixon Elementary School is set on a 10 acre sloping site off of Stanford Ave. and is terraced into three major levels.

Parking is at the top of the site, with the buildings toward the middle terrace and the play fields on the lower terrace. There are two permanent buildings built in 1970 that house the classrooms, Administration and Library functions of the campus. Also included in the main building is an MP room. The smaller building is the Kindergarten classroom wing.

In 2004, the Building for Excellence program renovated all the interior spaces of the campus except for the MP room, and re-roofed the facility. Some slope stabilization work was also done in the latest renovation work.

Campus Plan