**2019-20 School Bus Pass Application will be mailed out soon (Check website for Updates)**


Spring Bus Pass Application 

Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) offers limited transportation to our students for a fee. All students must have a pass to ride the bus. Voluntary Transfer Program (VTP) and low-income students may be eligible for a free pass. 

Most students purchase semester bus passes, but occasional riders can purchase PM single-ride passes from their school offices. (Bus drivers do not sell passes).

The City of Palo Alto offers two free shuttles that stop at JLS, Jordan, and Paly. Schedules and maps are available on the Palo Alto Free Shuttle web page

RIDES for Bay Area Commuters has created an online School Pool Request to match PAUSD families who would like to form a carpool, walkpool, or bike pool. 

If you have questions contact Transportation Department at (650) 329-3989.

2018-19 Bus Pass Applications  mailed out May 16, 2018

Apply for Bus Pass

Spring Bus Pass Application
Return your completed application and payment to: 

Business Services (Bus Pass)
Palo Alto Unified School District

25 Churchill Avenue 
Palo Alto, CA 94306 

Bus passes will be mailed to your home approximately one week prior to the start of the new semester. 

  Round Trip One Way (AM or PM)
Semester $525 per semester
$315 per additional sibling
$345 per semester
$205 per additional sibling
Year $1050 per year
$630 per additional sibling
$690 per year
$410 per additional child

One-ride passes are available for occasional riders and may be purchased for $5 at school offices or at the PAUSD Business Services office. (Bus drivers do not sell passes).

Low-income students may qualify for a free pass. If you are eligible for a free pass, fill out the section entitled "Application for Exemption from Bus Fee" on the lower portion of the front of the application **Please submit a copy of your Free or Reduced lunch acceptance letter with the application.**  For further questions please call 650-329-3982.

Bus Schedules

PAUSD bus routes are designated by letters (A, B, C, etc.). Your morning, afternoon and minimum day route letters may differ. Drivers are not authorized to make changes in designated routes, stops, or schedules. 

Students must be at their designated stops five minutes prior to bus departure time. Buses leave schools ten minutes after school dismissal. 

Bus Pass Application
Schedule of bus names, bus stops, and times. You will need to determine your bus route in order to complete your application. 

Riding the Bus 
Information about parent responsibilities, passenger responsibilities, rules and regulations, and Lost and Found. 

Voluntary Transfer Program (VTP)

Voluntary Transfer Program (VTP) contact Wendy Velez at (650) 329-3736. Only VTP students can ride the VTP bus to East Palo Alto. 

Special Education

For any changes to a bus route for special education please contact the special education front office at (650) 833-4255 first please. We can only make changes to bus route now from direction and/or approval of the Special
Education Department.