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Medications & Specialized Procedures

Any student who is required to take medication during the school day may be assisted by a school nurse or designated school personnel if the school receives a completed "Medication Authorization Form" signed by a California licensed health care provider and the student's parent or guardian (EC 49423).

Upon written parent's consent and school nurse approval, a student may be allowed to carry and self-administer prescription auto-injectable epinephrine, prescription inhaled asthma medication, or medications and supplies prescribed for the management of diabetes. No other medications, except for emergency use, may be carried.* Students may be allowed to carry and self-administer these prescribed medications if the school receives a completed "Medication Authorization Form" and the "Student/Parent Consent to Carry and Self-Administer Medication" form and after approval by the school nurse.

*For approval to carry and self-administer other medications that are of a confidential nature, need urgent administration, or other reasons, please contact a district nurse. Exceptions to the above rule will be made on a case by case basis in consultation with the district nurse and student's physician. Please use the Let's Talk link below to reach out to Health Services regarding this policy.

Medication forms can be obtained from the school health office or printed from the links below.

No medication, including herbal remedies or other over-the-counter drugs, will be stored or dispensed at school or school-sponsored events without written authorization from the physician and parent. All medication permits must be renewed at the beginning of each school year before the medications can be on site. Medication must be supplied by the parent in the original container clearly labeled with student's name, medication, dosage and directions, or original over-the-counter container. Updated forms for the next school year must be signed after the current school year ends.

Your child's school will keep an accurate written record documenting that the medication was administered in the prescribed amount at the prescribed time.

In the event an emergency medication is administered, including but not limited to, epinephrine auto-injector, glucagon, and emergency anti-seizure medications, school staff will call the emergency 911 telephone number and the student’s parent/guardian. This shall not require the student to be transported to an emergency room. EMS protocol may require a parent/guardian to be present to avoid transport to the emergency room. If an emergency medication is administered, student will not remain at school or be transported by bus unless authorized by a district nurse.

Medication Authorization Forms

Specialized Procedure or Protocol Forms

If you have questions please contact Health Services.