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NOTE: Beginning March 1st, covid testing will only be available at the District Office location.

If you did not opt-out of the disclosure of information, you will receive a "Welcome Email from Campus Clinic" email to start the registration process. This email will include a unique PIN number. You will need this number to register. Please check your spam folder and all email addresses you may have provided to the district.

If you are unable to locate your email, you can go to Campus Clinic Login page and select "click here" as shown in the image below, and enter your email address that is associated with your student and click "RESEND". Additionally, you may contact Campus Clinic directly by emailing or calling (855) 286-2577. If you opted out of the disclosure of information, you will need to contact Campus Clinic directly to register by emailing or calling (855)286-2577.

Step by step registration instructions can be found at:

Registration tutorial video can be found at:

Once in the registration process, you will move forward to opt-in for any services that you are interested in your child receiving and complete the registration for the testing services. Any services that you do not opt-in for will not be offered to your child unless parental consent is obtained at a later time.

The roll-out plan for services will be communicated after we determine the level of interest for each option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register before I go to receive a COVID-19 test?

Yes, registration is required beforehand. Look for the "Welcome Email from Campus Clinic" email to start the process.

I already registered last year, why do I have to register again?

Upon every new school year, registration is required. This is in order to ensure that your consent preferences for you and your children's healthcare options are as up to date and accurate as possible. Additionally, we have expanded our opportunities to a variety of additional healthcare services on campus. You can opt into any and all services you are interested in during this registration process.

I never received an email or PIN#?

Please check your spam folder and all email addresses you may have on file with the district. If you are unable to locate the email, please contact Campus Clinic directly at by emailing or calling (855)286-2577.

What is the time frame to obtain COVID-19 testing results?

You will receive an email when your results are ready.

  • PCR results are more accurate and typically take 1-2 days.
  • Rapid Antigen results are typically delivered within 1-2 hours.

Do I need to make an appointment for COVID-19 testing?

No appointment necessary. Once you complete registration, you can show up at either of our testing locations to get tested.

District Office
25 Churchill Avenue
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Can you send my results to a different email?

Due to HIPAA laws and regulations, test results will only be sent to the email on file to ensure medical information is in the hands of the patient or guardian. If you wish to change the email for your account, please contact Campus Clinic at

How can I change my consent options?

If you choose to change your consent preferences for yourself or your child, you can make this change on your portal here: