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Student Connectedness

One of the most important and fulfilling parts of being educators is the opportunity to work with parents on the social/emotional development of our students. To align with District focused goals to improve student connectedness and strengthen support systems for students, PAUSD is working in conjunction with Project Cornerstone a county non-profit organization helping communities build asset rich environments for the youth. The 41 Developmental Assets model provides a framework for building resiliency and other positive character traits amongst youth. This effort is in partnership with Project Safety Net and community agencies for a common vision and language for what youth and teens need to thrive.

Focus Goals

Academic Excellence and Learning

  • Improve student connectedness and strengthen support systems for student social, emotional, physical health
  • Encourage site-developed approaches to improve student connectedness
  • Continue and strengthen the relationship with Project Safety Net Task Force
  • Identify strategic opportunities through Project Cornerstone survey results
  • Develop a multi-year systematic approach to these complicated issues

For more information on Student Connectedness, please contact the Student Services Office at 650-833-4208.