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Work Permits

Please do not take the work permit application to the District Office.

If you would like to work in a paid position and are not yet 18 years of age nor a high school graduate then you will need a work permit. Before you begin, please note the following:

  • All minors need a work permit to legally work in California.
  • Work permits are only issued by the school district to students who attend a Palo Alto Unified School. If you attend a private school, charter school or are homeschooled, you must seek a permit from your school site administrator.
  • Students must have an offer of a paid job - we do not issue blank work permits.
  • Students may not work private residences (except students who work for their own parents in their own home).
  • Students working for a third party (employment agency) must have the end site, where they are physically working, listed as the employer with that business' address and signature on the work permit application. We do not issue work permits to employment agencies.
  • A work permit is needed for each and every job that a student holds.
  • Work permits expire five days into the new school year and must be renewed as needed.
  • Work permits are processed year round; except on school holidays (e.g. 4th of July) and during breaks (e.g. Thanksgiving, spring, and winter breaks). See the district calendar for details on holidays and staff availability.
COVID Exposure - Work Site Protocols

View these documents to determine instructions for potential COVID-19 exposure in regards to your work site practices:

  • Flow chart to determine when you are allowed to return to work.
  • Santa Clara County created a 2-page Guidance for Safe Operation document for returning to work; visit this site for additional information.
  • Contact the PAUSD Work Experience Teacher if additional support is required: Rachael Kaci.

Work Permits process

  • After receiving an offer of employment, students must Complete Work Permit Application Form (CDE Form B1-1).
  • Parent/guardians must complete the Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to COVID 19 and return via email.
  • The appropriate processor will follow-up to get the SSN and finalize the permit process.
  • Email the B1-1 form to (Hint: take a pic with your phone then send):
  • Do not include your Social Security number on the B1-1 form if sending via email.
  • Make sure that you complete all 4 sections of the permit for processing. If sections are left blank or incomplete, we will not be able to process your application.
  • A student can then expect their permit to arrive via email within 4-5 days.
  • If a student needs assistance with the process, do not hesitate to contact the appropriate processor:

Please do not take the work permit application to the District Office.