What is Zero Waste?

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Since 2005, the City of Palo Alto has been working toward achieving zero waste in the community by the year 2021. Zero waste is a system in which no waste is burned or buried. This, however, means much more than the 3 R’s of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Zero waste seeks to design “waste” entirely out of the flow of resources in society by designing products to minimize waste, creating incentives to encourage sustainable business practices, and building community collaboration.

Zero Waste Champion Program

Addison: Shelley Ganschow

El Carmelo: Bruno Colchen

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Duveneck: Jim Holbrook

District Office: Rebecca Navarro

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Fairmeadow: Robin Carlson

Escondido: Sheila French

Ohlone: Cathy Harkness

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Hoover: Elsa Chen

Nixon: Hugo Calasin

Greendell: Marjan Wilkes

Palo Verde: Jennifer Aza Allan

JLS: Sergio Navarro

Fletcher: Becky Rea

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Gunn: Eric Ledgerwood

Paly: Christy Resigner

Beginning in the 2015-16 school year, PAUSD and City of Palo Alto entered an innovative collaboration to promote the concept of zero waste across PAUSD's school campuses.  This program is called the Zero Waste Champion program, and is jointly managed with the District and the City.  Participating schools have the benefit of an onsite employee to oversee zero waste efforts at the site level. The City provided initial Champion training and ongoing support and education to each champion.  Do not hesitate to reach out to your site's Champion for help with zero waste issues! Contact Rebecca Navarro if you are interested in filling an empty Champion position at your site.

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Helpful Zero Waste Documents