Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) offers several choice schools and programs to our students.  Because Choice Programs are unique and differ greatly in content and/or structure, only one application to one program per student may be submitted. Parents are advised to thoroughly research each program to determine the best fit for their child. 

  • All students registered with PAUSD are eligible to attend; follow all instructions at the Registration web site. For Application Deadlines and Information Meeting Dates visit the Registration Dates page. Current students should contact the school to determine availability.
  • Admission is granted through a lottery system and an application must be submitted for each student, including students of siblings concurrently enrolled in a Choice Program, and students of PAUSD employees.
  • To ensure stable enrollment and fairness to other families, parents/guardians are advised as follows:
    • Only ONE of the four Choice Programs may be applied to.
    • Parents/guardians are responsible for providing their children's transportation to and from the Choice Program school. Parents/guardians are advised to understand the long-term (kinder through 5th grade, or 6th through 8th grade) impact on their commute, before accepting a Choice Program placement.
    • When accepting a Choice Program enrollment, families understand they are no longer eligible to attend their neighborhood school, as the Choice Program school becomes the neighborhood school. Parents/guardians are advised to fully understand and agree with the characteristics of the Choice Program before accepting a Choice Program placement.
    • Parents considering withdrawing their student from a Choice Program must discuss the circumstance with the school principal and partner with the school to attempt resolution of issues, prior to submitting an Intradistrict Transfer Request.
    • Waitlists are created during the kindergarten and 6th grade lotteries; students who missed the lottery can submit a request to the Choice Program to be added to the waitlist. Waitlisted students who exit PAUSD schools will be removed from the waitlist.

Elementary School Choice Programs | Middle School Choice Programs