Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) offers several choice schools and programs to our students.  Because Choice Programs are unique and differ greatly in content and/or structure, only one application to one program per student may be submitted. Parents are advised to thoroughly research each program to determine the best fit for their child. 

  • All students registered with PAUSD are eligible to attend; follow all instructions at the Registration web site. For Application Deadlines and Information Meeting Dates visit the Registration Dates page. Current students should contact the school to determine availability.
  • Admission is granted through a lottery system and an application must be submitted for each student, including students of siblings concurrently enrolled in a Choice Program, and students of PAUSD employees.
  • To ensure stable enrollment and fairness to other families, parents/guardians are advised as follows:
    • Only ONE of the four Choice Programs may be applied to.
    • Parents/guardians are responsible for providing their children's transportation to and from the Choice Program school. Parents/guardians are advised to understand the long-term (kinder through 5th grade, or 6th through 8th grade) impact on their commute, before accepting a Choice Program placement.
    • When accepting a Choice Program enrollment, families understand they are no longer eligible to attend their neighborhood school, as the Choice Program school becomes the neighborhood school. Parents/guardians are advised to fully understand and agree with the characteristics of the Choice Program before accepting a Choice Program placement.
    • Parents considering withdrawing their student from a Choice Program must discuss the circumstance with the school principal and partner with the school to attempt resolution of issues, prior to submitting an Intradistrict Transfer Request.

Elementary School Choice Programs | Middle School Choice Programs