Schoology is a dynamic, intuitive, and user-centric learning management solution, which is the platform used to manage the day-to-day activities related to content distribution, collection, and collaboration between students and teachers. Schoology is the in-progress system that facilitates and organizes information for students and teachers, while Infinite Campus is the permanent record system. Schoology is also used as the platform for content delivery in blended/hybrid high school courses, as well as for PAUSD's professional development courses.

To get started, please see these help guides from Schoology or see below for the most frequently asked questions.

How to create an account?

Staff and students accounts are automatically provisioned when they enter PAUSD and no further action is needed. You will simply use the ID Portal login information provided to you by your manager (staff) or counselor (student).

Setting up a Schoology Account: Instructions for Parents

Special Note: This process will be ended January 2020, as new Schoology parent accounts will be created by PAUSD and available on the PAUSD “RapidIdentity” parent portal,

  1. Please log on to Infinite Campus.

  2. Click on “More” in the menu on the left side of the page. 

  3. Click on “More Info.”

  4. You will see Schoology code information, copy that code. You can toggle between multiple children on the top right corner of this page to access multiple Schoology student codes. 

  5. Next, go to

  6. Click on "Sign Up" and click on "Parent."

  7. Enter the access code from Infinite Campus.

  8. Click on continue and set up your parent Schoology account. Special note: Please use a current email address. PAUSD cannot reset parent Schoology passwords, so you will need a functional email to reset passwords through the end of 2019. 

  9. Follow the instructions and the linkage will be made available.

  10. If you would like access to more than one child in Schoology follow these instructions: Once you have the linkage for the first child, find the dropdown menu where your name displays. There is a button to add a child [+]; Click on that and enter the Schoology code for the second child (also from Infinite Campus) and the linkage will be made.

  11. You only need to do this process through 2019, as new parent Schoology accounts will be created and managed by PAUSD starting in 2020. 

How to login to the Schoology website?

Staff and students must access Schoology through PAUSD's login portal.

Parents may login directly through the Schoology website.

How to login via the mobile app?

Staff and students, please see the following instructions.

Parents may download the Schoology mobile app and login with their usual email/password combination.

I forgot my password

Staff and students should contact their assigned technical support at the school so that they may reset your SSO login. Students may also alert their teachers and/or counselors if assistance is needed.

Parents may use the ‘Forgot Password’ function in Schoology. Please note that this requires that you have entered an email address during or after creating your Schoology account. If you need additional assistance, please contact our Help Desk and we will try to locate your account. In case we cannot find a match, and due to security reasons, you may need to create a new account.

Parents: How to add children associations?

Please see the Schoology documentation Add Children Associations.

Other questions?

Please first refer to the help guides. For any additional questions, please contact our Help Desk.

Viewing Past Course Content and Grades on Schoology

In Schoology, courses transition to archived mode once the semester ends. This transition typically occurs the Sunday after the semester end date. Once courses are archived, students and parents/guardians do not have access to past Schoology courses including content and grades.

It is recommended that students and parents/guardians refer to Infinite Campus for course grades after the end of a semester,  as that is where final grades and comments are stored and used for official grade reporting.

If information about individual assignments is required, staff has access to archived courses and may also print a Schoology grade report for the desired students. As the district transitions to fully leveraging Schoology, we have also recognized this grading use case as an improvement area for the platform. We have already opened a feature request with Schoology asking that students have full access to their grading reports, even for archived courses.